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Welcome to my website! My recent work, social profiles, skills and work experience! If you have any questions please use the form or email at bottom to contact me. Thank you for visiting, enjoy!

Recent Work

Email Design

Napoleon Luxuria Teaser

Napoleon | Luxuria Teaser

Graphic Design | HTML & CSS | Automation | Gif Animation

Napoleon Linear Launch

Napoleon | Linear Launch

Graphic Design | HTML & CSS | Automation

Napoleon Plazmafire Launch

Napoleon | Plazmafire Launch

Graphic Design | HTML & CSS | Automation

Napoleon Winter is Coming

Napoleon | Winter is Coming

Graphic Design | HTML & CSS | Automation

Napoleon Fall Booking Program

Napoleon | Fall Booking Program

Graphic Design | HTML & CSS | Automation

Napoleon NED Survey

Napoleon | NED Survey

Graphic Design | HTML & CSS | Automation

My Online Presence

Social Profiles

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About Me

Image of ErikHey I'm Erik! I'm a motivated Web Designer living in the city of Barrie. I currently have 5 years working experience in the Marketing and Advertising industry! I am currently working with a focus on Email Design & Automation Marketing. I have good design sense and experience with designing websites & emails with browser / email client compatibility in mind. I have experience with web security and have developed good security practices. My CMS of choice is Wordpress. Thanks for reading, check out some of my skills & interests below!


Hard Skills
  1. Web & Graphic Design
  2. HTML5, CSS3
  3. Web Hosting & Administration
  4. Web Security
  5. Email Marketing & Design
  6. Marketing Automation
  7. Video Editing
  1. Adobe Creative Suite
  2. Sublime Text
  3. Wordpress
  4. MXTR Automation (Sharp Spring)
  5. Mail Chimp
  6. Constant Contact
Soft Skills
  1. Great Team Player & Self Sufficient
  2. Responsible & Reliable
  3. Determined & Motivated
  4. Creative & Passionate
  5. Positive Attitude & Open Minded
  6. Flexible & Adaptable
  7. Career Focused
  8. Fast Learner
  9. Problem Solver
  10. Attention to Detail
  11. Good Communication
  12. Trustworthy
  13. Knowledgable

Interests / Hobbies

  1. Photography
  2. Vintage Camera Collecting
  3. Mobile Phone Repair
  4. Snow, Wake & Skateboarding
  5. Retro Video Games
  6. Creating Random Art
  7. Building Robot Sculptures
  8. Wood Working
  1. Vintage Cameras & Radios
  2. Office Horticulture
  3. Hockey & Baseball
  4. Robots
  5. New Technology
  6. Security Threats
  7. Network Configuration
  8. Design Trends
  9. Music Production

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